Subway Surfers Top Cheats Tips and Strategies Guide

Subway Surfers is an endless runner game for mobile devices. All you want to do is tag jump duck dive and collect coins, but the police are none to happy with your hobbies. You’ll need to travel run on the subway tracks to escape the police and collect as many coins as possible. Ashbgame‘s quick start guide is here to help you with tips, tricks, and walkthroughs that will help you achieve your goals. Subway Surfers rating is PEGI 3 and genre is Arcade GamesSUBSCRIBE TO Ashbgame ON YOUTUBE


Top Start Guide

Getting Started

Starting up the game for the first time, you will be signed in with Game Center. This feature will come into play later, so make sure everything is setup before continuing.

How to Play

Subway Surfers has very easy gameplay to learn, but it can be difficult to master.

As said in the intro, your goal is to run for as long as you can while collecting as many coins as possible.

Your perspective while playing is that your character is running away from you, so you will be controlling him from that perspective as well.

While you are running, you can change tracks by swiping on him left or right. Swiping to the left of the screen will cause you to switch tracks to the left, while the opposite will happen when swiping right.

Other important controls are jumping and rolling. These controls work exactly the same as the track switching, except for swiping up and down.

Swipe up to jump, swipe down to roll.These controls are the base way to play Subway Surfers, and the game will not deviate much beyond this way to play.

Coins are collected automatically when you walk over them, and will allow you to purchase new characters and power-ups we will discuss later.


Missions & Daily Challenges

Beyond the base gameplay of running for as long as you can and collecting coins, you can also complete missions that are a great way to focus how you play.

There are a few different ways to access the missions while you play the game, so let’s go over each of them to make sure you know exactly how to use them.

The missions tab is available in the main menu of the game in the upper left corner of the screen. Another way of accessing the missions is by pausing the game while playing. The pause button is in the upper left corner while playing.

Missions, once completed, will be displayed after you are done with a gameplay session. Examples of missions are “Collect 500 coins” and “Score 1000 points in one run” among others.

Daily Challenges are also available, and can be completed once a day to receive a special prize. All you need to do is pause the game while playing, then look at the Daily Challenge details to see what you need to do in order to receive the prize.

An example of a Daily Challenge is to collect the letters to “ROLL”, and doing so will have you receiving a mystery box.

Power-Ups and New Characters

Power-ups are available to pick up and purchase while playing, and they can be upgraded as well.

Power-ups that you can pick up while playing are the Jetpack which allows you to fly over all of the trains and collect a trail of coins along the way. Super Sneakers will make your character run faster than normal, and will pick up any coins under them. Coin Magnet will collect all of the coins in the vicinity around you. Lastly, the 2X Multiplier will double your score while it is active. All of these power-ups only last a limited time, so make sure you take advantage of them while they’re active.

Other power-ups are a one-time use that you can activate on demand, so long as you have a supply of them.


The Hoverboard will give you an invincibility cloak in which you can not be hurt while it is active. This power-up is especially useful when you are further along in your run.

The Mystery Box gives you a random item, which could be a bag of coins, another power-up, or a character item. This power-up is only recommended when you have plenty of coins to burn.

There are also Headstart items available, which you can use to boost yourself ahead before you even start playing. Doing this will allow you to score more points earlier on, but it will also present more hazards you may not be expecting.


You can also purchase the ability to skip missions if you are finding them difficult. This is likely not an option you should purchase often, as doing the missions is a crucial part of the game.

Additional characters can be selected once you unlock them with items you collect while playing, or from mystery boxes.

You can view the characters you can unlock in the shop, and how many more items they need to be unlocked.

Being able to play with friends is always fun, and in Subway Surfers you are able to compare scores with friends, as well as able to help each other earn additional coins without any additional effort involved.

Tapping on the Social button on the main menu takes you to the list of friends either on Game Center or Facebook. You can see their best score listed here so you know what you’re up against while playing.

A cool way to make extra coins is by having your friends run so you can earn additional money. For each 50 friend runs, you will earn a coin bag with valuable coins inside.

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