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So you’ve heard that the new Popular Wars Game is currently trending at number 1 spot on google play store for Android devices. Not so sure about ios devices. Popular Wars is not only popular as an action game but also popular in pushing down Fire Balls 3D to number 2 spot, not everyone likes to be second. Be sure to check out our Fire Balls 3D Gameplay. Popular Wars Comes under the PEGI 12 rating and falls into the Action Games Genre, exciting right. SUBSCRIBE TO Ashbgame ON YOUTUBE

Prepare and Plan

When you launch the game for the first time. Its very helpful to familiarise yourself with the game and its options and settings. You will have to create a name for yourself so other players can see you and recognise you but more so for yourself.


Game Modes

Popular Wars Comes with 2 amazing gaming modes either online or offline. First is “The Classic mode which is to “Get The most Followers in 2 minutes” . The second mode is SOLO mode get 100% followers on the map in 2 minutes. We recommend you start with the classic mode so you get a sense of the surrounding and How To get more followers as you go.

Cosmetics In style

If you are worried about how you look in the game then the cosmetic mode will unlock as you play the game and win stats and earn more money to be able to afford the costumes and outfits.

Popular Wars Game Episodes

Wining Everytime Takes Practise but If you Try this Collect and rollover Chase QuicklyTactics

Basically the way this works is that when the game starts you are given 3 seconds before everyone starts running to get followers. Quickly scout your surrounding and see where the followers are. Once you see where you want to go collect as many as you can for about 10 to 15 Seconds then come back and chase the players with few followers as they won’t be far off yet and you can claim their followers as yours which will push you up the level very quickly but whilst doing this try and collect more followers along the way. Once you’ve located the lower players roll over them because their followers become yours the closer you get until you completely roll over them then they die off and their collected followers becomes yours to keep. But this goes both ways too. Remember if other big players get closer to you your followers slowly decreases as they are getting zapped to the other players circle and you lose your followers over time until you keep a good distance from them. So keep things moving. You can download Popular Wars Game via Goole play store

Save Your Money

Thus probably soundd easy but you have to save your money and try to only spend it if yt? Is that important for you to do so.

Best Part Of The Game

Best Part Of The Game is basically the online classic mode. It’s fun to play and enjoyable. A lot of adrenaline here as you only have 2 minutes in this game to win as many followers as you can.

If you guys have any other tips be sure to comment below or link to this post or vise versa

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