How Deadpool Can Be Introduced In A Spider-Man Movie

How Deadpool Can Be Introduced In A Spider-Man Movie SUBSCRIBE: https://youtu.be/WfsAkSb923k : Will Marvel Deadpool Be Introduce In A MCU Spider-Man Movie?

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The Merc With the Mouth isn’t the only one under the Marvel banner who’s known for talking back to their opponents. Spider-Man has been delivering sass with justice since 1962. While Spider-Man has been a hero for young and old alike, Deadpool’s particular shenanigans have tended to skew a little older. That has become especially true when Deadpool made a proper appearance on the big screen in his two R-rated solo outings, but was Once Upon a Deadpool an attempt to see if they can sell a PG-13 Deadpool. There might be a reason and that’s so they can open to door for one of Deadpool’s most likely team-ups.

With Mysterio set to introduce the world of alternate realities in Spider-Man: Far From Home, and Deadpool being known to slip around realities on the pages of comics, it’s possible that the Marvel Cinematic Universe is setting up for a Spider-Man and Deadpool adventure. There are rumors out now that Deadpool could make his debut in the MCU in the third Spider-Man movie. With Deadpool comes the mutant-verse as well, which is the biggest property left to merge with the MCU. There are a few avenues that the MCU can take bringing the two red suited motormouths together. Some of those lie in the pages of other teams, like the Exiles, or in shared villains, like the former Deadpool ally Weasel turning into the bad guy Patient Zero. Let’s look at some of the possibilities for these two to get together.


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