Drive and Park Cheats Top Tips Tricks Guide and Strategy


Drive and Park Top Tips Cheats Guide To Always Park Perfectly

Drive and Park mobile game is a new game currently trending behind Popular Wars Game on google play store who is at number 1 spot. Drive and Park falls into the second position like always say not a lot of people like to be in the second position lol. Drive and Park is under the Simulation Games genre and given a PEGI 12 rating which I don’t see why. It’s more of a PEGI 3 to me.

First Load

When the game first load it tells you to connect it to your Google account for collecting stats and backing up your gameplay level. The settings icon gives you the option to turn off all sound but i prefer to have the sound on when parking my cars as it is more exciting that way :-). The home screen connects you to the settings, your car garage and stats button. The stats button connects you to your Google play stats page. You can download Drive and Park Game at Google Play Store For Android Devices

Gaining Cars and Better Cars

Gaining cars or better cars gives you more money as each car that you collect after you complete a level or your watch video ads to unlock the ability to collect another car gives you money. So a standard car gives you about $20 whilst better looking or even faster cars gives you up to $100 per parked run.

Collect More Cars Now

So the trick to collecting more cars quickly so you don’t have to wait for each finished run or when you see a Watch ad pop up is, you basically have to play the level your currently on but crash your car purposely after about 2 seconds or 3 seconds into the game so that you get the GREEN OPTION that says “Watch Ad To Get A Car” . Ensure that you finish watching the Ads and after this you will be taking to screen where you see a roll of cars moving at a reasonable fast pace and you have to select one at the right time. Just remember take your time no rush. Once you select your car you will be taking to the garage where it will be stored to use or swap it for better cars before your next parking race.

Old Cheap Low Cars Are Useful Too

Yes that’s right the standard cars you collect actually get upgraded if you collect more than 1 of the same car so for example if you collect a standard $20 car and then you happen to collect another one the cars Merge to become 1 car but the VALUE OF THE CAR then goes up by $6 so making your new car total money $26 and it keeps going up if you collect more of the same car. This rule applies to higher cars aswell. So you the gist more better cars more money.

Climb Levels Faster

So the trick to levelling up faster in this game is to have better cars with better value, off course this means you are going to watch a hell of a lot of video ads but it’s worth it in the end.

Types Of Cars Collected

So the cars in this game vary from Rare to Common and so on meaning they not have different value but better point and handling possibly though this is with a pinch of salt as we’re not sure if the car has better handling. So it’s mainly down to practise practise and practise how to park those cars.

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