Crazy Doctor Strange Multiverses We Could See In MCU Phase 4

Crazy Doctor Strange Multiverses We Could See In MCU Phase 4 SUBSCRIBE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SOt0Fydz6ec&list=PLEpCgrnIa3x79OI2TUrTrRKM8991rvMxY&index=4&t=0s : Craziest Marvel Universes Doctor Strange Could Visit
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We’ve already seen Doctor Strange explore some crazy places in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, from mountain tops to outer space. But now that he’ll be entering the Multiverse of Madness there are infinite possibilities of wild, crazy places he could visit! Will he and Wanda Maximoff find themselves in X-Men centric worlds like Days of Future Past, House of Men, or even their own movie world? Or maybe Spider-Man will get some insight into what it’s like in the world of Sam Raimi. There are some places like the Negative Zone which could tie into future storylines we’ll see play out in the MCU. Then there are others that are a little bit more wild and filled with creatures like monkeys and zombies, sometimes at the same time! Or maybe we’ll get to see heroes like the Scarlet Witch enter a relatively normal place like our reality, or somewhere completely different like the Amalgam world. We’ll talk about some of the most epic timelines in existence and why we hope they make an appearance in the MCU.

Which one of these wild worlds would you most like to see our heroes visit during the MCU’s Phase Four? Or do you have a favorite alternate timeline in mind that we didn’t mention? Make sure to share your pick with us and your fellow fans in the comment section below and then click on the subscribe button for more new videos from us here at CBR.


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