Every Time Mark Ruffalo Ruined Something With An MCU Spoiler

Every Time Mark Ruffalo Ruined Something With An MCU Spoiler SUBSCRIBE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SOt0Fydz6ec&list=PLEpCgrnIa3x79OI2TUrTrRKM8991rvMxY&index=4&t=0s : If there’s one thing that sets Mark Ruffalo apart from Bruce Banner, it is his propensity for spoilers. Dude means well, but in his enthusiasm for the MCU, he tends to give the game away. And we’re not talking about a one or two-time thing it’s a bona fide pattern.

Let’s start with the undisputable king of this list: the time Mark Ruffalo spoiled the shocking ending of Avengers: Infinity War. We’re not talking about something so minor as, “Oh, Red Skull comes back,” or even, “Hey guys, Thor crafts a new hammer in an awesome space forge run by Game of Thrones’ Peter Dinklage.” No, Ruffalo did not spoil by halves. He gave away the astonishing fact of Thanos’ slaughter of half of all life in the universe. He let loose, in fact, the spoiler equivalent of the infamous snap itself.

It happened during a Good Morning America interview alongside Don Cheadle. At first, he merely approached the spoiler, teasing, when asked if Thor and the Hulk save Asgard in Thor: Ragnarok, that…

Ruffalo went on to ask for a rewind, but the internet never forgets.

Every other moment on this list happened within the context of an interview, and came from Ruffalo’s own lips. It’s the easiest way to spoil something, after all you talk to someone, you’re excited to promote your work, the whole world is waiting to see what happens next. Sometimes you say more than you should. The stakes are higher when you play one of the most iconic characters of an already legendary film franchise, of course, but the general principle remains. From war to friendships, loose talk is so dangerous because it’s so easy.

That’s what makes this spoiler so remarkable it wasn’t a slip of the tongue, but a slip of technology. Keep watching the video to see every time Mark Ruffalo ruined something with an MCU spoiler!

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He revealed Infinity War’s ending | 0:15
He live streamed Thor: Ragnarok | 1:18
He leaked Captain America’s marriage | 2:41
He revealed Hulk and Rocket’s team-up | 3:54
He jokingly “spoiled” Endgame | 4:50 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fy5-xhAwHTU&list=PLEpCgrnIa3x79OI2TUrTrRKM8991rvMxY&index=5&t=0s Ashbgame Ashb Game

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