15 Actors Marvel Let Go For Serious Reasons

15 Actors Marvel Let Go For Serious Reasons SUBSCRIBE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SOt0Fydz6ec&list=PLEpCgrnIa3x79OI2TUrTrRKM8991rvMxY&index=4&t=0s : These MCU Actors Didn’t Last Long
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The Marvel Cinematic Universe is known for its obsessive eye for continuity, and for good reason. No other franchise has done a better job of managing so many characters, especially at the scale the MCU has. Over more than twenty films and countless TV shows, short films and tie-in comics, what the MCU has accomplished is an impressive. But even with this achievement, there are bound to be characters (and actors) that slip through the cracks.

Sometimes, actors who have a big role in a film are abandoned completely, or a character sets up a storyline that never pays off. In the full video, we’ll be exploring 15 cases of Marvel characters who were recast, sidelined, or straight up abandoned.

An Avenger recast after his first appearance. A well known actor who refused to return to the MCU – even after his character did. A TV character who never got the respect he deserved. The entire superteam that was cancelled by Netflix’s iron fisted rule. A surviving villain who was never brought back. Captain America’s best friends, who were not given a fair shot by the MCU. A friend of Thor’s who mysteriously disappeared. A menacing villain who never returned. Two TV characters who weren’t quite ready for prime time. An entire series that was scrapped by Marvel after poor reception. An ally of Thor’s who has not been seen in years. A great set up that the MCU never paid off.

All these and more in the full video!

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