Real Life VS. Video Games

Real Life VS. Video Games SUBSCRIBE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SOt0Fydz6ec&list=PLEpCgrnIa3x79OI2TUrTrRKM8991rvMxY&index=4&t=0s : Who doesn’t love video games? Some play them for hours, others for days, while others cannot even see their life without them. Every year, developers make games better. However, no matter how cool and realistic graphics they have, there are a lot of differences between video games and real life.

Is your game character seriously injured? Drink the potion and everything is okay! Just caught a cold in real life – you have to sit at home and drink medications for a whole week. At speed, you get away from the police chase, the cops will never catch you! In life: “Here’s a $100 fine for you. Don’t break the speed limit anymore.” “Okay, I won’t. Sorry.” One of the saddest thing is that you can go through your favorite mission again. Unfortunately, the best moments of life are only stored in our memory.

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Checkpoints 0:26
Money 0:51
Sleep 1:17
Police 1:46
Dialogues 2:12
To-do list 2:42
Food 3:08
Superpowers 3:35
Monster hunter 3:59
Implements 4:25
Level of difficulty 4:59
Language 5:30
Hidden Object 5:59
Skip 6:30
Final boss 6:53
Weather 7:24
Body 8:01
Graphics 8:21
Loading 8:51
Other characters 9:23

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– In the game, you can go to another city, country, or planet in just a few seconds. In life: you fly on a plane for two hours and then wait for your luggage. Boring.
– You can choose any clothes of any color and style in a second. Out of the game, you’re spending half a day to pick trousers to go with your new cap.
– You can build a city, a country, manage the economy, restore order in your civilization in a day. In real world you can’t restore order in your room.
– You drive a sports car, a huge robot, a spaceship. In life: you take an Uber to get home.
– Gain level 100 at a game: you’re cool, invincible, everyone loves you. Reach level 100 in life: you put on a false jaw to crack that apricot.
– In a game you have fun fighting in the midst of a zombie apocalypse. In life, Ride the subway . Sleepy as a zombie.
– In virtual reality, you can build a base for your tribe in a minute. In life, you spend half a day fixing a cupboard.
– On your Lamborghini, you reach 186 mph, overtaking all the cars around… Wake up! You fell asleep while spending a third hour in a traffic jam.
– Want to change your hairstyle? Let’s see: afro, short haircut, dreadlocks, whatever, just click the button. In a real salon, you wait for an hour and if you don’t like it, wait a couple of months until your hair grows back.
– Wanna be a carpenter? A magician? Alchemist? Racer? Space cowboy? Okay, here’s your task and half an hour of time.
– Tired of playing? You can pause the game, drink tea, or sleep. When problems pile up on you for real, a pause will only aggravate the situation.
– Win a fight with the most dangerous villain of the 7 kingdoms. In life: “Hmm, I’d better go around this dark lane.”
– In a game with an interesting plot, an event happened that you did not expect. You admire this and thank the developers for the cool story. In life, just a thought of something going wrong annoys you.
– Take the powder from the horn of the minotaur, the scales of the mermaid, the feather of the sphinx and the fang of a vampire. Mix it all in one pile and get a potion that makes you invisible.
– You are immediately born into excellent physical shape and a beautiful body. In life, you spend years of training in the gym so that six-pack appears on your tummy.
– In a video game, you go through the dungeons, jump over cliffs with lava, fight monsters, defeat the dragon and only then get the princess.
– You can quickly go through the game, but life goes on. And it is much more interesting!

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