How The Cast Of The It Movies Should Really Look

How The Cast Of The It Movies Should Really Look SUBSCRIBE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1eDKt0fHCjs : Stephen King delves deep into the psyches and lives of even his most marginal characters, which can make adaptations of his stories into a visual medium pretty tricky. His magnum opus, It, has been brought to both TV and the big screen. How do the casts stack up? Float on down and see.

Which came first: the fear of clowns, or Stephen King’s monstrous Pennywise? At this point it almost doesn’t matter, since the two are so inextricably linked in the global consciousness and the nightmares of children and adults alike. During his first encounter with Georgie Denbrough in the sewer in 1957, Pennywise has yellow eyes that turn blue as he talks. King writes,

“The face of the clown in the stormdrain was white, there were funny tufts of red hair on either side of his bald head, and there was a big clown-like smile painted over his mouth. If George had been inhabiting a later year, he would have surely thought of Ronald McDonald.”

King goes further:

“He was wearing a baggy silk suit with great big orange buttons. A bright tie, electric-blue, flopped down his front, and on his hands were big white gloves, like the kind Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck always wore.”

When Ben Hanscom sees the clown shortly after, he is also wearing a “floppy yellow bow-tie” and notices that “the clown cast no shadow.”

25 years later, when Pennywise attacks Adrian Mellon under the bridge, King reiterates earlier Bozo and Ronald McDonald comparisons, but adds that “later consideration had caused him to think the clown really looked like neither.”

King also describes “great big teeth” like those of a circus lion. Those definitely made it into the films.

Also known as “Big Bill” and “Stuttering Bill,” even to his friends, the unofficial leader of the Losers Club is described not with the dark brown hair he has in the film, but as having bright red hair and blue eyes. After the first attack on Pennywise in the house on Neibolt Street, Bill gives his shirt to Beverly. King writes that, when shirtless, Bill had “a narrow chest, the visible track of his ribs, [and] sunburned freckled shoulders.” Even when they’re young, Richie Tozier muses that John F. Kennedy reminds him of Bill. Keep watching the video to see how the cast of the It movies should really look.

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Pennywise | 0:16
Bill Denbrough | 1:32
Georgie Denbrough | 2:37
Beverly Marsh | 3:29
Mike Hanlon | 4:21
Ben Hanscom | 5:15
Stanley Uris | 6:26
Richie Tozier | 7:18
Eddie Kaspbrak | 8:20
Henry Bowers | 9:13 https://youtu.be/uKPdlm3UDPM Ashbgame Ashb Game


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