Titanic Could’ve Been Sunk by a Panicked Crew Member

Titanic Could’ve Been Sunk by a Panicked Crew Member SUBSCRIBE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1eDKt0fHCjs : The story of the Titanic seems to have been studied inside and out, and we know for a fact that the great ship was destroyed by an iceberg. But what if there was another culprit altogether? Only one person knew about this but kept it a secret for decades. And today, at last, we just might find out the truth behind the sinking of the unsinkable liner.

More details popped up after long decades: it turned out that the cabinet holding the binoculars was locked, and the key accidentally stayed on shore, so the lookout wasn’t able to notice the iceberg in time. But the real reason why the Titanic eventually hit it could be entirely different. It all started with the statement made by Lady Louise Patten, granddaughter of one of the surviving crew members of the Titanic…

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The only man who knew all the truth 1:37
What was this dark secret? 2:45
The fatal mistake 3:17
And… one more fatal mistake 4:02
Why the truth wasn’t uncovered 5:27
How Lightoller became a real hero 7:08

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– There are lots of facts we know to be true about the Titanic. It was indeed the largest ocean liner of its time, and it sure was believed to be unsinkable for a good reason.
– Most of the survivors were passengers who couldn’t know all the details. What they knew was what they saw, and that wasn’t much.
– In 2010, Lady Louise Patten boldly said that one of the most prominent tragedies of the 20th century happened because of a steering error, and that her grandfather had been the only one who knew the truth.
– On the night of the crash, First Officer William Murdoch was on watch. Somehow, he managed to notice the iceberg before the lookouts.
– For some reason, though, Robert Hitchins, who was at the wheel, steered the liner in the opposite direction, making it go head-on at the iceberg.
– The ship smashed into the iceberg at full speed, leaving a nasty gash in its right side, which ultimately led to its sinking.
– When the Titanic pushed on, it scooped water in abundance, and the stress put on the damaged hull became simply too much. The ship began falling apart.
– Lightoller could either tell the inquirers the whole story, clearing his conscience, or he could cover up the steering mistake and Ismay’s decision to sail on, lying to the whole world but saving hundreds of people their jobs.
– It was a hard moral decision indeed, but Lightoller agreed to tell a cover-up legend.
– Lightoller was caught between two difficult moral choices, and he chose what he believed to be a small evil for the greater good.
– Thanks to his testimony, White Star Line did not go bankrupt, and its employees didn’t lose their jobs.

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