The Truth About The Office Revealed

The Truth About The Office Revealed SUBSCRIBE: https://youtu.be/xsXMP6qQv-w : Watch the video for more aboutNow regarded as a classic with a rich backstory and history all its own, the US version of The Office was a revolution in TV comedy. Here are some untold truths even the most hardcore, Dundie-winning viewer may not even know about this binge-worthy show.

When The Office hit NBC in 2005, its large ensemble cast was populated with many up-and-coming actors of the era, including Steve Carell, fresh off a major role in the 2004 hit comedy Anchorman. He was reportedly the producers’ first choice to play Michael Scott, but he’d already booked a role on another NBC sitcom called Come to Papa. In his absence, producers brought in comedy icon Bob Odenkirk, one-half of HBO’s Mr. Show with Bob and David. When Come to Papa was canceled after four episodes, Carell was free to head to The Office, and Odenkirk apparently got the boot.

Other notable names who almost wound up on The Office include Adam Scott, who auditioned to play Jim Halpert a few years before he scored a role on Parks and Recreation. Seth Rogen unsuccessfully auditioned to play Dwight Schrute before his movie career took off. And long before he won an Emmy playing Cam on Modern Family, Eric Stonestreet was up for the role of Kevin Malone.

Angela Kinsey and Jenna Fischer played intra-office enemies on The Office — the tightly-wound, judgmental Angela Martin was always extra and openly hard on mild-mannered Pam Beesly — especially where party planning was concerned.

That dynamic of cruelty and resentment is surprisingly the opposite of the one shared by these actresses in the real world. These two are literally best friends, as stated by Kinsey on Instagram in 2017 when she posted a behind-the-scenes photo from the “Booze Cruise” episode and captioned it:

“My bff [Jenna Fischer] found this photo of us from the Booze Cruise episode of [The Office] and texted it to me. […] Steve Carell told us that no matter what happened with the show the thing we’d take away from it would be the friendships and boy was he right.”

According to another Insta post, their friendship blossomed when the two women met at The Office — Kinsey calls Fischer, quote, “the gal who would become my anchor through life.” These two besties appear on one another’s Instagrams a lot — like the time they wore matching hoodies with their Office characters last names written on the back, or when they attended the Emmy Awards together. According to Parade magazine, Kinsey even took the friendship to the next level when she asked Fischer to serve as godmother to her daughter, Isabel.

Watch the video to see the truth about The Office revealed!

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An alternate dimension | 0:15
Pam and Angela are BFFs | 1:12
How Oscar became Oscar | 2:29
Creed is a smooth talker | 3:34
The Halperts’ off-screen romance | 5:02
The opening credit sequence | 6:13
Beloved by the entire world | 7:07
Jim’s expensive proposal to Pam | 8:19
A reboot is unlikely | 9:13
The Parks and Recreation connection | 10:17 https://youtu.be/uKPdlm3UDPM Ashbgame Ashb Game


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