Joker Was Almost Cancelled

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No one’s laughing now! At least, that’s what Joaquin Phoenix’s character Arthur Fleck says it the latest trailer for Todd Phillips upcoming Joker origin story movie. And he’s right! No one’s laughing now as Joker is garnering a rave critical response and topping many people’s most anticipated movies of the year, when it wasn’t too long ago that people were dismissing the movie all together.

But we can’t really blame people for being initially skeptical. It was a huge fight for Phillips to even get this movie made in the first place as he had to fight for things like the budget and the rating, while also trying to lock down an actor who before had wanted nothing to do with comic book films. And even when the film devoted to the origin of Batman’s greatest villain was in production, it was plagued with cast and crew withdrawing from the project and insider reports reporting a less than ideal work environment. This movie had to face the impossible to get made so although it was so close to being cancelled or driving off a cliff in a heaping ball of fire, it’s finally about to be released.

Today’s video is all about the new Joker origin film and its tumultuous path to the big screen. What other obstacles did it have to face in order to succeed and will public perception of this movie sink it before it even has a chance? Let’s dive into why Joker was almost cancelled right now, and be sure to leave a comment after your done or else we’ll force you to choose your favorite Joker between Heath Ledger and Mark Hamil!


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