The 20 Most Badass Game Of Thrones Moments

The 20 Most Badass Game Of Thrones Moments SUBSCRIBE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8rREdMMfZT4 : The Most Badass Moments in Game of Thrones History

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There has never been another show that has captured the world’s interest quite like Game of Thrones. It’s a cultural phenomenon which is truly amazing given it’s a fantasy show filled with dragons, zombies and so much gore. Throughout the last eight seasons, there’ve been countless badass moments in Game of Thrones that’ve blown us all away. There are so many awesome moments that we want to petition HBO to change the show’s name to Game of Badasses as we feel it’s a much more accurate title. Maybe it’s not too late for George R.R. Martin to make that a future book title.

Whether it was Jon staring down Ramsey’s army in the Battle of the Bastards, the Dothraki and Drogon fighting together to decimate the Lannister forces, Jaime’s rescue of Brienne or even, most recently, Arya killing of the Night King, all of these are moments that’re undeniably badass. It’s moments like those that make Game of Thrones unlike anything else on television right now, but sadly, the show is close to over.

With Game of Thrones coming to an end soon, there’s only a few more opportunities for more badass moments and we’re confident the show will deliver, but today, we’re looking back at Game of Thrones’ history and compiling a video of the most badass moments throughout the show. Did your favorites make the cut? Take a look as we get into it, right now.


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