Embarrassing Celebrity Reactions Caught On Live TV

Embarrassing Celebrity Reactions Caught On Live TV SUBSCRIBE: https://youtu.be/nE2uhv-ZCSw : From no expression at all, to spasmodic delight, to pure bewilderment, celebrity reactions to big moments have been going viral before going viral was even a thing. These are the funniest celeb reactions caught on live TV.

2017 saw Winona Ryder make headlines all over the internet, and this time for something other than her acting prowess. The actress became a trending meme after the SAG Awards, when she took to the stage along with the rest of her Stranger Things castmates to accept the award for Best Drama Ensemble. Proving that she’s definitely got range, Ryder first looked confused, furrowing her brow, then proceeded to raise her fist and silently cheer on David Harbour as he gave his speech. If that wasn’t enough, the confusion and bewilderment continued while she remained on stage, making Ryder an internet sensation by the time she returned to her seat.

An anonymous source told Page Six that the actress was “super embarrassed” by the incident, allegedly referring to it as “Facegate” with her closest friends. Harbour meanwhile spoke to People about the debacle, giving insight to the real reason behind his costar’s many faces. He explained:

“She couldn’t hear me! Which I was confused by, because I was screaming! But apparently, she couldn’t hear me. She is just such a porous, expressive woman and actress – I think it just flowed through her like every experience – and I loved it.”

Watch the video for more Embarrassing Celebrity Reactions Caught On Live TV!

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Winona’s faces | 0:13
Putting on a show | 1:14
Blurring the lines | 2:17
The Seinfeld hug | 3:19
Like a Virgin | 4:06


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