Why Captain Marvel Is Stronger Than Scarlett Witch In The MCU

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Captain Marvel and Scarlet Witch are hands down, two of the strongest characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But there is a definite winner in terms of who is stronger on the big screen and we’d wager it’s Captain Marvel who is the strongest character in the entire MCU. Marvel has even said so themselves! But it wasn’t like that in the comics. In fact, Scarlet Witch was considered to be one of the strongest in the source material. A chief example of her strength came in the X-Men comic House of M, which saw her create a whole new reality and nearly killing all of the mutants on the planet with three little words. So what happened on screen? Why isn’t Scarlet Witch taking down names left, right and center? Well, the MCU took some liberties with the character’s backstories and essentially rewrote them. This time around, both characters can trace their superpowers to two of the infinity stones, namely the Mind Stone for Wanda and the Space Stone for Carol. Each stone affected them differently but granted them immensely strong superpowers. But Scarlet’s powers seem to have a limit on her while Captain Marvel can take down a capital ship and not even break a sweat. Is this because she was granted powers from a different stone? Because of the duration of the stone’s exposure? Or could it be because Carol is a Kree hybrid and her advanced physiology has given her an edge over the very human Wanda Maximoff? Let’s find out!

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