What Secrets Your Consciousness Is Hiding from You

What Secrets Your Consciousness Is Hiding from You SUBSCRIBE: https://youtu.be/nE2uhv-ZCSw : Throughout history, some of the greatest minds in humankind have tried to explain what consciousness really is. Theologians, psychologists, neurobiologists, and philosophers still can’t reach a consensus on this matter. But there is one person that clearly knows what consciousness is… And this person is you! How can that be?

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Why we can’t analyze our consciousness 1:15

How your brain works without your involvement 1:56

The invisible work your consciousness does 2:59

The only way to make consciousness more tangible 5:40

Little experiment. Look at this picture! 6:44

Why some people are afraid of the dark 7:35

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– Because it’s obvious for you that you’re conscious, you don’t need any explanation! You have a free will, you can make your own decisions and your mind is capable of solving any problems you might face.
– Your brain constantly computes unbelievable amounts of calculations. It takes in all the information about you and the world around you.
– You don’t know about all the processed information in your brain because it’s not that important to you in a given moment. Without consciousness, it wouldn’t even be possible to think about anything because of all the informational noise your brain receives from what surrounds it.
– Even if you focus and on something, your eyes won’t ever be static. Only a really small part of your eye can perceive an image in high detail. Your eyeball moves rapidly around 4 times in a second to collect as much detail as it can of what it sees.
– White is just a sum of its true colors. When diffracted through a prism it shows all the color range – something we know as a rainbow. The true color of light is never this stable, it varies a lot.
– Were you afraid of the dark in your childhood? One of the most common fears is to see an unfamiliar face in the dark. That’s because we actually can see it.
– But what can cause you so much anxiety in your own home? It’s the dark itself, which, to be precise, is the lack of ordinary stimulation, that scares you the most. You can’t see or hear anything.
– The easiest thing to recognize for a human’s consciousness is a face. This recognition is so sensitive that we are inclined to see faces everywhere. In clouds, trees and even breakfast toasts.

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