What If You Were the Last Person on Earth

What If You Were the Last Person on Earth SUBSCRIBE: https://youtu.be/nE2uhv-ZCSw : Imagine you woke up one day to find that you were the only person left on Earth. How would you feel? On the one hand, you could do everything that you want! You’ve got a whole world of opportunities and nothing to stop you from enjoying each and every one of them! On the other hand, how you’re gonna survive in this empty kingdom of yours?

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The first thing you need to figure out 1:36

How about becoming a farmer? 2:11

Skip on the parkour 2:38

Hunting, first aid, cooking. Study everything! 2:55

Get yourself a pet 3:39

Pick a place to settle down for good 4:21

It makes no sense to be fancy 5:28

Look on the bright side 6:05

Music by Epidemic Sound https://www.epidemicsound.com/

– After all that fun and utter joy is out of your system, you start asking yourself “what’s next?” Well, maybe it’s time to try and figure out what really happened and why everyone just disappeared?
– The first thing you need to figure out is food and drinking water. Sure, you’ll have as much as you need for a while, but some products will start to spoil pretty quickly, like fruits and veggies.
– With no electricity to keep the fridges and freezers going, rice, beans, and canned foods are gonna be your best friends. After a while, you’ll probably need to learn how to grow food yourself.
– Medical supplies are also super important. You need to hit up as many pharmacies as you can for future supplies in case of an emergency.
– Farming and DIY water-filtration aren’t the only things you need to learn. In a world where you’re the last human on earth, you’ll need to learn crucial survival skills, like hunting, first aid, cooking, and so on.
– In a decade or so, all these buildings will become quite unsafe without regular maintenance to keep them up.
– Perhaps you’ll move away from the city? The good news is you can go anywhere you want. There are no borders, migration laws, passports, or anything stopping you!
– Make sure you have garments for every season and plenty of warm clothes and blankets.
– . You can learn to paint, make pottery, try your hand at sculpture, or even write your own story!

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