20 Dark Family Guy Jokes They Actually Got Away With

20 Dark Family Guy Jokes They Actually Got Away With SUBSCRIBE: https://youtu.be/nE2uhv-ZCSw : Subscribe to our channel for more awesome videos: http://bit.ly/Subscribe-to-Screenrant

Family Guy is known for not pulling any punches. If they want to make fun of something or someone, they are going to do it, even if others out there might think that they take things way, way too far. But sometimes even the most loyal fans are totally blown away by how dark this show can get for a laugh or two. Like the time that Peter dressed up as Barbara Bush for Halloween and Lois went as “the guy she killed!” Or what about when Family Guy reimagined the opening to The Cosby Show after the Bill Cosby Scandal broke? There was the time that Stewie was in Terri Schiavo: The Musical at school, or a young boy got excited too early about his JFK Pez Dispenser and then his Bobby Kennedy one too! There was the moment when they made a pretty dark joke about Elizabeth Smart and her harp, another time when they showed a man “inventing” tying a bandana on his head to hide his hair loss from Chemotherapy, they joked about how River Phoenix overdosed outside of the famous nightclub The Viper Room, sent up Michael J Fox and his debilitating battle with Parkinson’s disease, had Peter reveal the location of Anne Frank and her family during WWII, and then did a whole episode about Stewie having Brian’s babies! There was an episode about Lois and an unwanted pregnancy that was too much for censors, jokes about the domestic abuse of Quagmire’s sister, and more!

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