Millennials Are Adopting Habits That 75-Year-Olds Have

Millennials Are Adopting Habits That 75-Year-Olds Have SUBSCRIBE: https://youtu.be/nE2uhv-ZCSw : We live in an interesting time, a time when young people are new old people. From spending the day on the couch to drinking prune juice with every meal the millennial generation is adopting habits of senior citizens. Why would they even have to go outside if there are streaming television and apps that can do just about anything? But if you think it’s about laziness, you’re wrong.

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Are you from 15 to 36? Then this is about you. 0:42

Millennials are couch potatoes. Or not? 1:36

But this lifestyle is actually smart 2:49

Why we can’t live like the characters in the show Friends 3:28

We aren’t lazy, we’re exhausted 😵 3:51

… and our debts are double that of the last generation 😫 5:04

Things millennials can brag about 6:12

What about sports? 7:48

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– Millennials were born between 1982 and 2004. That would make millennials today anywhere between the ages of 15 and 36.
– Because of easy access and a nonexistent need to leave the house, millennials have earned the reputation of being “lazy” or, in the New York Post’s words, “couch potatoes.”
– With streaming TV to watch and the ability to order in your favorite Chinese food on an app, millennials are sparing themselves from a major hit to their bank accounts every weekend.
– The fact that the prices of clothing, food, and even a cup of coffee have risen is also a deterrent for young adults to spend time out.
– Millennials are one of the hardest working generations humankind has seen! They often juggle more than one job — also known as the side hustle — and don’t always work conventional hours.
– According to money.com, the employment rate in the US for people ages 18 to 34 changed to 14% as a result of the recession.
– American millennials are dealing with around $40,000 of student loan debt, which is practically double that of the last generation.
– While other generations have cared about preserving our planet and looking after the environment, the millennial generation has taken this sentiment to the next level!
– It’s not uncommon to hear people pass judgment on millennials for being a bit self-centered, especially in the age of social media. Despite this self-centered way of life, millennials have proved that they’re actually incredibly charitable.

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