Why You Should Travel With Your Mom

Why You Should Travel With Your Mom SUBSCRIBE: https://youtu.be/nE2uhv-ZCSw : For some of us, traveling with our mom doesn’t sound like fun, and we’d prefer to take a spouse, a partner, or a friend when it comes to picking a travel buddy. However, once you learn more about it, you’ll see that going on a trip with your mother has many benefits! And if you have to endure a little outfit or hair criticism here and there, it’ll be worth it in the end.

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She’s the best travel partner for you. And here’s why 1:05

You can create one-of-a-kind memories 2:34

You can create bucket lists alongside your mom 3:27

You can find out the craziest things about each other 4:03

Your mom won’t be around forever 😞 5:10

Can’t afford a vacation? Here’s what you can do 6:06

Get out of your comfort zone together 7:34

– The truth is, you likely learned how to travel and get around from your mother, so who better to explore a new place with? You probably have similar priorities when it comes to going on vacation.
– If you do have disagreements, remember that you can be completely honest with each other, knowing that no judgments will be passed.
– If you decide to plan a vacation together, make sure it’s somewhere neither of you have been before. That way, you’ll both be adapting to your surroundings at the same time.
– The cool thing about creating your own itinerary together is that you’ll explore things you may not have seen otherwise since you’re compromising on plans.
– The great thing about making your trips together an annual affair is that you can create bucket lists knowing full well you’ll probably get to experience all these new things together.
– When you’re in a whole new setting with nothing to do but get lost in conversation with each other, you can explore all kinds of topics you’ve never touched before!
– Life changes at the drop of a hat, and you never know when you’ll have another chance to spend such special time with your mother.
– You can always do a quick weekend away or even a day trip. Go online to see what kinds of museums, restaurants, and more are within a 100-mile radius of your town.
– Talk to your mom about a new skill she’d love to learn, and try it out together. Like a book club, a weekly or monthly class will be a great excuse for you to hang out together in an environment that’s totally new to both of you.

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