Super Fun Dances for Kids! (Compilation) 4 Dances!

Super Fun Dances for Kids! (Compilation) 4 Dances! SUBSCRIBE: https://youtu.be/nE2uhv-ZCSw : We never stop moving here at JrMojo! To prove it, we put together some of our favourite dance videos that we did in 2018! We’ve got outer space moves, we’ve got summer moves, we’ve got moves with ATTITUDE… yeah, we’ve got it all.

#kidsdances, #kidscompilation, #dance

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JrMojo is dedicated to producing safe, educational, and fun online content. We upload videos that include fact-driven information, value-based learning, and just plain silliness. Our programs include interactive games, a question & answer show, music videos, informative game shows, storytelling videos, DIY crafts, and so much more! Please send all comments and concerns to jrmojo@watchmojo.com


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