Marvel Theory: The Incredible Hulk May Have Set Up Wolverine In The MCU

Marvel Theory: The Incredible Hulk May Have Set Up Wolverine In The MCU New Gameplay – Has Wolverine’s introduction to the Marvel Cinematic Universe already been hinted at in The Incredible Hulk? Subscribe to our channel:

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is probably the movie franchise that has spawned THE largest number of fan theories.

However, most of those theories seem to relate to the Avengers movies or the more cosmic side of the MCU – or, at the very least, what might happen in future movie instalments in the franchise.

Very few of them relate to movies as far back as Phase One of the MCU – and even less relate specifically to 2008’s somewhat forgotten Incredible Hulk.

However, there’s a very interesting theory that the Edward Norton-led instalment actually laid the foundations for a certain mutant to enter the MCU – none other than Wolverine!

In this video, we’ll be looking into that theory in some detail.

It’s based around the fact that the movie established a history of Super Soldier programmes (which Wolverine was part of in the comics – “Weapon X”), the fact that Wolverine was originally introduced as a Hulk antagonist back in 1974, and the fact that General Ross didn’t seem surprised when Emil Blonksy healed after being smashed by the Hulk (maybe he’d already seen someone with an incredible regenerative healing factor before?).

Interestingly, a lot of this information is also backed up and augmented by the novelisation of the movie, which definitely gives further credence to this theory.

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