Disney’s Mary Poppins Returns with 1MILLION

Disney’s Mary Poppins Returns with 1MILLION SUBSCRIBE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CPsRiphpFfQ : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLd8RrV939RYvoAWJK_oEaw : “메리 포핀스 리턴즈” 2019년 2월 14일 대개봉

Disney’s Mary Poppins Returns! comes out in cinemas in Korea this Valentine’s day 2019! We are excited to be a part of this exciting sequel!

1MILLION & Blurry Presents

Performance Director / Lia Kim
Choreographer / Koosung Jung, Youjin Kim
Dancer / Ara Cho, Donghui Jang, Eunho Kim, Isabelle, Jin Lee, Jinwoo Yoon, Shawn, Tina Boo, Youngbeen Ju, Woomin Jang

Creative Director / Mary Jung
Director & Editor / Sting Lim
Producer / Mirae Seong
Production Assistant / Soyoung Bang
Project Management / Rachel Yoon Kim

DOP / Junghwan Seo, Hyeongjun Lee
Camera Assistant / Hyoback Shin
Lighting / Stomp
Focus Puller / Sting Lim
Photographer / Letty Kang

1MILLION Dance Studio

YouTube Channel:




1MILLION Dance Studio

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