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10 Ways to Keep Your Pet Busy While You’re Away

10 Ways to Keep Your Pet Busy While You’re Away Latest Movie Trailers, Clips, Music, Ashbgame Games and All Round Entertainment If you’re a pet owner and work full time, you probably feel sorry that your furry friend has to stay at home alone. Cats usually manage it alright, but a bored and lonely dog can turn out pretty destructive to your furniture and clothes. Luckily, there are lots of effective ways to keep your pet occupied while you’re away!

Do you know, for example, that there are TV channels created especially for dogs? For example, DOGTV is a 24/7 channel that shows dog-friendly programs. These shows are scientifically developed to keep dogs from feeling lonely when they’re left at home on their own.

Get special toys 0:39
Organize a treat quest 2:35
Leave the TV on 3:10
Buy a water fountain 3:53
Put all-natural peanut butter in a hollow toy 4:32
Give your pets a view from the window 5:38
Sign your dog up for doggy daycare 6:04
Get a treat-dispensing toy 6:29
Get your pet a companion 7:05
Hire a dog walker 7:47

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– If you don’t want your pet to miss you when you’re away, you need to leave a substitute to entertain them. Just like with little kids, fun toys will keep your dog or cat occupied.
– Hide and scatter kibble and other treats in the places where your dog or cat usually hangs out when you’re away. Your pet will have a fun time during the day trying to locate all the treats.
– As you head out, turn on your TV and leave it on. Choose Animal Planet or any other channel that has shows about animals. The sounds and sights of other animals will distract your pet from how quiet the house is.
– Before you leave home, grab a hollow dog toy and stuff it with peanut butter. The fact that they have to reach into all the toy’s crevices in order to get to the peanut butter will keep them occupied for hours!
– Both dogs and cats love watching different objects move around outside. So open the blinds or curtains and set a chair near the window.
– If you have a well-socialized pooch that loves being in the company of other dogs, you can always send them to doggy daycare when you’re away!
– There are hundreds of different puzzle toys that can train your pet’s brain. Most of such puzzle toys are treat-dispensing.
– If you can afford it and you’ve got the space for it, consider adopting one more cat or dog. By doing this, you’ll save an abandoned animal’s life and provide your pet with a companion to socialize with, which sounds like a win-win to me!
– If there’s a pet care facility in your area, they most likely provide a dog-walking service. An experienced person will take your pooch for a walk during the day.

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