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Why The Fantastic Four Will Join The MCU Before The X-Men

Why The Fantastic Four Will Join The MCU Before The X-Men Latest Movie Trailers, Clips, Music, Ashbgame Games and All Round Entertainment Marvel theory: The Fantastic Four have a better chance of joining the MCU than the X-Men.
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The MCU has been destroying the box office since the release of the first Avengers movie in 2012. Marvel and comic book fans have the luxury of watching their favorite superheroes fight side by side (and against each other). In the last Avengers movie, there was definitely no shortage of heroes. Not only did we see fan favorites like Iron man, Thor, Spiderman, Hulk, Doctor Strange, Black Panther and many more, but we also saw the less popular heroes who add depth to the narrative of the MCU. These being Heimdall, Hawkeye, Vision, Gamora, Mantis and many more.

Recently, Disney acquired the rights to buy 20th Century Fox, who, as you know, produced many cult favorites like The Fantastic Four, X-Men and Deadpool. Obviously, Disney and Marvel Studios are making plans to add even more of our favorite superheroes to the MCU, but which ones? Given the abundance of heroes we saw in Infinity War, surely Disney can’t add all mutants, plus Deadpool, plus Fantastic Four to their roster to be showcased in Avengers 4. How would they fit into the narrative of the MCU? It just wouldn’t make much sense. Although, if they add a little bit of them over the years, then Disney can gradually assimilate these heroes at a pace that doesn’t feel rushed and we don’t feel overwhelmed.


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