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10 Anime Characters That Are Basically Invincible

10 Anime Characters That Are Basically Invincible Latest Movie Trailers, Clips, Music, Ashbgame Games and All Round Entertainment SUBSCRIBE NOW to CBR! Click here:

People love to compare their favorite characters to each other. That’s why the idea of something like Batman v Superman was exciting, even though the film flopped. It has been happening for decades or dare even since different stories were even able to be comparable to one another. Anime has been constantly working to earn full respect amongst American audiences for years and it should because it produce awe inspiring characters just like we Americans do. Sometimes, those characters are insanely overpowered or invincible…like Superman.

Well, we want to let you know some anime characters that deserve to be recognized for their loads of energy. It takes a lot of work to be an alien, demon, superpowered human, warrior from a fictional land or even a God. We want to do some of heavy lifting for you, so sit back, relax and give and subscribe to CBR for mor anime content.


Entry 1 – DIO BRANDO
Entry 2 – KIRITO
Entry 3 – ZEN-OH
Entry 4 – NARAKU
Entry 5 – ALUCARD
Entry 6 – WHIS
Entry 8 – BEERUS
Entry 9 – RYUK
Entry 10 – SAITAMA


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